Honest John Missile and Mobile Carrier

Honest John
The Revell Honest John Missile and Mobile Carrier


honest john missile
completed model picture found on internet

Have started this classic construction kit from Revell.

Here is a youtube clip of the real thing 

Here is the Kenworth Truck Website

Primed everything in Halfords Plastic Primer.  Painted and assembled crates. Quite pleased with the wood effect paint job.

I have primed all the parts and started to assemble.
the painted transportation crates for the Honest John Missile and some primed missile parts
example of a cummins engine for reference from internet

Have been working on the Kenworth Truck and Carrier  – Wheels painted, bulk of red metal parts and truck cab more or less complete.

The Cummins Engine
the under carriage of the truck
Figures to paint and some fine details and small parts and decals to add
Starting to assemble, not much left to do now…

Mounted the figures on BBQ skewers and stuck in a polystyrene block and began to paint,  Decided on a blue uniform for both figures.

DSCN6450 DSCN6449





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