Making a Scale Tree from Scratch


  • Green Pan Scourer
  • Games Workshop plastic base
  • No Nails or some kind of white glue/filler
  • modelling sand
  • acrylic paint – primer, browns and greens
  • an appropriately shaped twig
  • superglue
Twig is glued to base and leafs are superglued in place

White Glue Twig to Base and add sand – set aside to dry.

Distress theĀ scourer and arrange onto twig in desired fashion attach with superglue.

Leave aside to dry completely ready to be primed for painting.

Primed and greenery airbrushed

Next step will be to continue painting trunk and leaves and some more work to the base.

some tone variation to the greenery and some colour to the trunk and base

Base will need some flock and some tonal variation to the soil/stones, trunk might get a bit more brushwork and I may trim the foliage and possibly add some blossom.

Tree finished and placed in Diorama


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