Airfix 1:32 Scale E type Jaguar

Bought this kit on eBay for a couple of quid plus postage..


Some reference pictures gleaned from the internet

54cacbd8665ef_-_jaguar-etype-01-0711-xln 7103138367_a07ba552f2_b d66b205005933906458a755d586bc769   Jag_E-Type jag-e-type-detail jag-e-type-int jaguar_e-type_s1_interior_g jaguar-e-type-engine-1 Unknown

Give the sprues and other parts a good wash in some Star Drops, rinse and dry on some paper towel


Primed the red parts with Halfords Red plastic primer and painted all the other parts with Vallejo black surface primer and allowed all to dry


Did I mention I purchased a Harder and Steenbeck evolution cr plus airbrush – wow!

DSC_0114 (1)

The body shell gets an airbrushed coat of vallejo metallic signal red


Interior of finished model done in teak


The finished model….


DSC_0115 (1)



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