Airfix Aston Martin DB5 Barn Find Diorama

Going to have a crack at doing a Barn Find Diorama

barn db5
My idea would be to try and create something a bit like this picture

Bought a made up Airfix DB5 off eBay that was pretty badly painted

db5 box


db5 bluepaint
Here is a picture of the DB5 purchased from eBay

Scraped and sanded most of the paint off and removed any components that would come loose. Removed wheels and separated the chassis from the body. Gave a good wash in Star Drops , dried then masked off the Windscreens and gave whole thing a good priming with Halfords red plastic primer.

DB5 primed
After prepping the model gets masked off and given a coat of red plastic primer

The Diorama base I used was some board with some Styrofoam foam stuck to it with white glue (PVA)

Then covered in Air Dry Clay (Das) and added some cat litter for rocks/rubble

Then gave a coat of Black and Burnt umber to the base and added a sprue for Iron railings


Gave the DB5 shell a coat of metallic blue and then a coat of (?) blue


Worked some more on the Diorama base added a green wash and did some dry brushing to the stones



dscn8965 fullsizeoutput_1114

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