More Raspberry Pi

This arrived in the post  HD44780 Backlit 1602 LCD Display Blue Yellow/Green 16×2 Arduino Raspberry Pi AVR


Bought a fancy acryllic box for the Pi and a Genuine Adafruit Pi Cobbler GPIO Breakout for Raspberry Pi Model B+ and a breadboard with power supply and jumpers


$_57-4 $_57-3


Some Lego Boxes for the Arduino Leonardo (EMF badge 2012) and Rasberry Pi B+

lego boxes

a picture taken with a webcam attached to the raspberry pi (SSH into the Rpi from terminal app on mac mini)


the raspbian OS displayed on my samsung smart tv


a couple of shots of the lego pi box


the raspberry pi connected to power (white cable) ethernet (blue cable) and USB Keyboard and Mouse (clear cable) and before I made the Lego box


some screen grabs taken whilst creating a bootable SD card


Creating a bootable SD card for the raspberry pi on the mac mini and BenQ monitor


A brand new Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512mb

RPi image

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