Making sandbags for a 1/35 scale diorama using air dry modelling clay

Rather than break into my Tamiya Sandbags (retentive) I thought I would have a go at making some of my own from scratch using Das air drying clay.


Here is my first attempt, a bit too large , have turned out more like sacks of flour!

The German is Tamiya 1/35 scale the 8th Army is Airfix 1/32 Scale


and with Britains 54mm,  Airfix 1/32 and Timpo 54mm


Not necessarily a failure but not desired result.. I will try again making them a bit smaller

In the meantime gave the sacks a few coats of paint and found a figure that I’m certain is 1:24 scale, this seems just about right…

1:24 Scale ?

I’m thinking this would make the beginnings of a good farmyard diorama but it is a bigger scale than Britains I have some 1:24 scale stuff that would work well with this though.


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