1:35 MaiM “Let’s find water” Post Apocalyptic Diorama

For this diorama I purchased a resin figure .. my first go at doing one of these.


The figure is stuck together using superglue and the mould lines and flash are removed with an Xacto blade.  I plugged the gaps in the arms using green stuff putty.

Once prepared I gave the figure a coat of Vallejo black primer..

fullsizeoutput_fb9 fullsizeoutput_fbb

I then hand painted the figure using Citadel Acrylics, layering and blending with progressive lighter shades.  I gave the figure some ink washes and then a coat of Vallejo Matt Varnish.

fullsizeoutput_fc8 fullsizeoutput_fca fullsizeoutput_fc9

I worked on the layering a bit more to try and bring out the folds in the garments.

The Gun and the Gas mask parts are very fragile and I managed to break both whilst painting the figure.  They will need to be trimmed of excess glue and re-stuck nearer completion.

On the hunt for some features to add to a Post Apocalyptic Dio whilst out for a walk with the dog. Came across this pipe outlet, thought it would be cool to try and reproduce in 1:35 scale..


Press a golf ball size piece of Das air dry clay into a plastic pot lid. I used the lid from some Q Tips..


cut a straw and shove it into a bit of styrofoam shaped roughly with an xacto and stick down onto the base with white glue. Next step filler and some rubble…


rocks and rubble added…


Once dry everything gets a coating of diluted white glue and then when that’s dry a coat of Vallejo black primer…


Some more paint and a bit of a dry brush..


Some flock and the figure is glued into position..


fullsizeoutput_1043 fullsizeoutput_104d 

  Added a few props and a bit of pigment .. just about finished.


Saw this resin figure and couldn’t resist adding it into the diorama..

So as usual next stage will be to remove flash, assemble and prime ready for painting

All primed and ready to paint…

Position in Diorama to see how it looks

Add some flesh tones

Add some base colour to hat, jeans and shirt

Drybrush some shading to jeans and t-shirt by mixing some white with the base colour and paint belt and accessories. Just about finished..


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