Airfix Collector Series Repair and Repaint

Airfix 54mm Collector Series Repaint

Had these boxed up in storage for about 40 years so decided it was time to see if I could give them a new paint job

I no longer had the original instruction sheets so was pleased to see that there were plenty of examples of finished models to use as a guide on the internet.  Here are a few images that I took for reference purposes.

hussarfinal3 highlander_front lancer5 808075908_o

The first stage was to strip back and remove any loose paint , parts etc.

I then gave everything a coat of black primer.

I then painted the horses using citadel acrylics and sanded and dry brushed the bases.

Next I started to work on George Washington and the Polish Lancer




dscn8644 s8-f38-01 s8-f38-02

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