1:72 Airfix Curtis P-40E Kittyhawk Desert Diorama

Went to a Jumble at Cramond Kirk and managed to pickup some ‘modelling supplies’

A battered box with most of the parts for a Kitty Hawk plane and a small picture frame from Ikea that I will use as the base for a diorama although possibly not this one as its a bit small.

I built up the major parts of the plane and basically its just the cockpit thats missing (instructions and decals too but its a really simple little build)

After a very brief search image search in google I came across this rather excellent picure of a Kitty hawk wreck in the desert.  Perfect, I will try and use this as a basis for my next diorama.

Further information into the story behind this aircraft here

Reference picture for diorama idea

Having built the plane I will first have a go at roughly positioning the bits and pieces on the desert diorama base I used for the Tamiya 1:35 Hanomag Half Track and Desert Diorama

I can see this beginning to work out already.

OK so I stuck a piece of styrofoam to a square piece of I think its hardboard.. both materials salvaged from skip..with white glue ) White PVA from pound store and wait to dry.  Next stage will be to cover in das plaster…

Covered in Das and a trial at some blown sand – not sure if this will work…

Not sure the blown sand worked… added some Kitty Litter Rocks and some black presiding to the base….

Started to Airbrush some colour into the diorama base.. looks a bit muddy rather than sandy at the moment… added a figure and some of the wreckage to test out scene

Worked some pigments into the scene to try and create more of a desert landscape feel. Still a lot of weathering and painting needed for the aircraft but starting to take shape..

Add some camouflage paint pattern

Play Doh masking ready for another spray of cammo..

Remove the masking doh…

Next stage was to give a coat of Klear and then an ink pin wash … didn’t turn out quite as expected .. possibly didn’t let the Clear Coat dry enough .. managed to buff some of the excess ink away with a kitchen towel .. should be able to improve appearance when I start to do some more serious weathering…

Flight Sergeant Dennis Copping crashed at this spot in 1942, and is thought to have wandered off into the Sahara desert.  His Kittyhawk P40 was found virtually intact some 70 years later by Polish Oil workers.


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