1:35 Master Box Desert Battle Series

Skull Clan – To Catch a Thief


Really tricky build but finally starting to take shape.
Many fragile parts and lots of flash made for quite a few breakages but should just about get away with repairs. I found it easiest to assemble and then give a coat of primer to the main sections.

The wheels were particularly tricky as I think I put them in the wrong way around to begin with.

I have now also noticed that the build shown on the box illustration doesn’t use the sidecar but a ‘chariot’ frame. These are separate components on the same sprue as the figures.

Might have to go with the sidecar as is, now I have glued everything 🙁


Next start to assemble the figures…


Figures built and primed except for heads and a couple of arms which I will leave on sprue to paint


Pressed some air dry clay into the bottom of a margarine tub – this will become the base for the diorama…


Testing out the positioning of the figures on the diorama base…


The base gets a coating of PVA glue and some fine modelling sand is applied…


A Coat of Black Primer is applied…..


Worked some colour into the base – burnt umber base coat, wet brush snakebite leather, dry brush snakebite leather and white…


Some more painting and trying out figures on the desert diorama base

some messing about with camera settings – added some more paint to the figures and placed in the commando car diorama

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